Barrier Completes Intrinsically Safe System for Wastewater Lift Station Level Monitoring

Lift stations are pits located at points in the wastewater system, which are used to collect the wastewater and transmit it to the treatment facility. The fluid level is monitored in the lift station to turn on pumps that empty the lift station when it is full. Depending on the local government code it may be necessary to use products that are hazardous use rated in a lift station due to the levels of methane in the atmosphere. The Series PBLTX level transmitter can be used in lift stations to monitor the fluid level and is intrinsically safe rated when used with a proper intrinsically safe barrier. The Series MTL barrier can be used with the PBLTX to complete the intrinsically safe system. The barrier is placed in the 4 to 20 mA loop away from the hazardous area and limits the amount of energy allowed to pass into the hazardous area, which inhibits ignition in flammable atmospheres.