Differential Pressure Gage Assists Operator in Adjusting Venturi Pressure Drop in Dust Scrubber

This scrubber design removes unwanted dust or particulate matter from air or gas using an adjustable throat venturi. To adjust the pressure drop across the venturi, a jack-screw-actuated sliding vane varies the slot width. A permanently mounted Series 2000 Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gage indicates the venturi pressure drop while the operator adjusts to the desired or design setting. Where water may possibly enter the gage sensing lines, as in this application, drop legs with drain valves are needed to permit draining the lines at their lowest point. Good engineering practice dictates that the Magnehelic® Gage always be mounted above the sensing tap when possible to prevent moisture accumulation in the lines and gage. At minimum, mount the gage above the lowest point in the sensing lines.