Gasoline Vapor Recovery System

Some area pollution control agencies require that 90% or more of gasoline vapor vented at service stations when fuel is dispensed must be prevented from venting to atmosphere. Using a dual hose dispenser, this vapor recovery system is a vacuum assist, vapor burnoff type. The blower creates a low vacuum at the nozzle, routing vapor from the automobile tank to underground storage tanks. As uncondensed vapor pressure reaches 2 in to 3 in w.c. pressure, a Dwyer® 1950 Series explosion-proof differential pressure switch activates a rooftop burnoff unit, which ignites excess vapor. The Magnehelic® differential pressure gage mounted on the station wall monitors tank pressure to verify system operation. The gage is calibrated in inches of gasoline, from +6 to -2. This allows the operator to determine the necessary level correction due to tank pressure prior to dipsticking the tanks through the fill pipe.