Custom Level Sensing Devices are Built to Meet Each Customer’s Specific Requirements, Providing Visual Indication, Continuous Measurement, and Point Level Control

To meet various tank level measuring needs, Dwyer Instruments, Inc. offers custom-configured products built to customer specifications that provide visual indication, continuous level measurement, and multiple point level measurement. Series VR or Series MVR View-Rite Level Indicators are a safe way to keep the process isolated while providing true visible indication. Unlike sight glasses, which can crack or break, View-Rite Indicators contain liquids entirely within their stainless steel enclosure. For continuous level measurement needs, the Series CLT uses reed switch technology to offer a more economical solution than expensive ultrasonic, submersible or RT transmitters. Lastly, the Series F7-MQ can be used in virtually any tank to indicate high and low alarms or to control pumps and valves.