Displacer Type Level Control is Ideal for Controlling Industrial Sump Pumps

Industrial sumps and other underground tanks are ideal applications for top-mounted displacer type level controls, such as the Series B-190. Easily installed, these controls use porcelain displacers that do not float on the surface of liquids, but are suspended on a coil spring and cable. As the liquid in the tank reaches the level of the upper displacers, their weight decreases by an amount equal to the liquid displaced, allowing the spring to move the cable upward, actuating the switch and the pump is turned on. As the liquid level falls below the upper displacers they move only a small amount, staying within the switch deadband until the liquid level falls to the center of the bottom displacer. At this point the switch is deactivated stopping the pump. The pump will remain deactivated until the water level rises to the upper displacers, repeating the cycle. The displacers are not affected by turbulence, pressure or chemicals and are excellent for tanks with viscous or dirty liquids. The level differential is easily adjusted by repositioning of the displacers on the 316SS cable.