Gages Indicate Pressurization of Special Rooms

A zero-center Series 2000 Magnehelic® differential pressure gage with an 0.25" w.c. range either side of zero makes an effective monitor for proper operation of room pressurization systems. In the example, differential gage B has its high pressure port open to room 2 and its low pressure port to room 1; gage A has its high pressure port open to room 1 and its low pressure port open to the atmosphere. With the makeup air supply damper adjusted properly, room 2 will be a higher pressure than room 1 which is at higher than atmospheric pressure; both gages will read positive. Should the air supply to room 2 be obstructed, gage B will read negative. If the air supply fails entirely, both gages will read zero. For even better security, a Series A3000 Photohelic® switch/gage will provide automatic alarm or start-up of a backup system.