Series OLS Indicates Level in Heavy Equipment Radiator

Many types of heavy industrial equipment use a liquid cooling system for the motor. A vibratory trench roller is a machine that compacts sub-bases for roads, parking lots, etc., and is an example of the type of equipment that would utilize this system. This machine incorporates a radiator cooling system. In the system, cooling liquid circulates through the engine preventing it from over heating. As the engine is cooled the cooling fluid heats up. The fluid returns to the radiator to cool down before being circulated through again. If there is not enough cooling fluid in the system the engine will not be cooled enough and damage will occur. A Series OLS Optitrol® optical level switch is installed as a low level alarm. The level alarm is signaled by the OLS before the cooling fluid gets to a critical low level, warning the operator of the problem. The OLS uses an optical detection system superior for this application as float controls may trip from machine vibration. Also the compact insertion length is ideal for a small radiator.