Dust Collector Timer Controller Shows Filter Condition in Dust Collector

This portable dust collector can be rolled from job to job in an industrial building. An operator places the large diameter collection hose where it is needed and dust is collected by filters located inside the access doors on the units side. The top mounted blower draws air through the filters. To monitor the pressure drop across the filters, the manufacturer supplies a Series 2000 Magnehelic® differential pressure gage. When the pressure drop due to dust build up on the filter indicates that cleaning is necessary, the Series DCT500ADC Dust Collector Timer Controller is manually activated to initiate a cleaning cycle which involves solenoid valves releasing pulses of air. This process removes the dust from the filters where it drops into a storage bin. A Series 2-5000 Minihelic® differential pressure gage can be used instead of the Magnehelic® gage, and, if automatic cleaning is required, a Series A3000 Photohelic® differential pressure switch/gage can provide the electrical contact to actuate the cleaning cycle when the pressure drop reaches the preset limit.