Monitoring Belt Conveyor for Proper Operation

Series NSS Speed Switch is used to monitor the speed of a product belt conveyor indicating proper operation. Common applications include grain, feed, aggregate, mining, and textiles. Belt slippage or a slowdown in belt speed indicates problems that could lead to product waste or could generate sparks leading to a fire or explosion. The belt’s speed is monitored via the rotational speed of the shaft at the end of the belt. The NSS is a non-contact magnetic actuated system allowing easy installation and long operational life. A magnetic disc is installed on the rotating shaft and the sensor is mounted across from it. The sensor picks up the rotation of the disc to detect the rotational speed of the belt. Inside the sensor is a programmable switch that can be set for any speed. In this application as the speed decreases and hits the set point the switch is activated for indication of a problem. Proper usage of an NSS can help with predictive maintenance and decrease down-time.