Mark Series Valve Position Indicator is Perfect for Valve Position Indication on Offshore Oil Rigs

Mark Series position indicator is utilized in valve automation packages in harsh environments. The Mark Series mounts onto the top of rotary valve actuators and connects to the actuator shaft or attaches to the shaft of a linear valve for indicating valve position. Standard with the Mark Series is visual position indication with “OPEN”, “CLOSED”, and degree position status. The Mark Series is available with continuous position retransmission with a 4 to 20 mA output and up to six adjustable position indication switches for remote indication of valve status. Remote status transmitter is used for indication of exact valve position and switches provide discrete indication of valve open and closed status in the control room. The Mark Series is perfect for this application because of the 316 SS enclosure that withstands the sea spray environment, and the patented magnetic drive mechanism that completely seals the switch cavity from the environment.