On April 22, a group of Dwyer Instruments, Inc. volunteers assisted at the Friendship Botanic Gardens for Earth Day. The Friendship Botanic Gardens is a local event venue and public garden, located near the Dwyer headquarters in Michigan City, IN. The venue has a long history, with its initial inspiration hailing from the 1930’s Chicago World’s Fair. It features both formal gardens and wooded nature trails.
Dwyer Instruments Supply Chain Engineer, Michael Morningstar, noted:

It was a real treat to have the opportunity to “give back” as a volunteer assisting the Friendship Botanic Gardens with their Spring Cleaning of their gardens.

The Dwyer team gathered debris and put out new mulch. Today, the gardens are host to wedding ceremonies, receptions, and music events. The volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization also plans on expanding their garden areas for future exploration.
In addition, this past month the Dwyer facilities team reached out to Michiana Recycling and Disposal Services to inquire about the treatment of our recyclables. During this discussion they learned that the disposal service is sorting our garbage and removing paper, plastic, cardboard, newspapers, glasses, etc. and sending those materials to the recycling center. The Dwyer team was excited for a chance clean up the environment, as well as to learn that their recyclables are being treated properly.
In the past, Dwyer Instruments teams have assisted at the Michiana Humane Society and Michigan City Area Schools Kindergarten Countdown Program. Dwyer strives to support both its community and the future generation of engineers.