On August 2, Mark Fisher, President of Dwyer Instruments, Inc., was keynote speaker for the SiteLink Forum hosted by the Economic Development Corporation at Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa in Michigan City, Indiana. The SiteLink Forum brought together industry leaders to promote economic development of the Northwest Indiana region.

Holding over 650 technical patents, Dwyer Instruments has a long history of innovation in designing and manufacturing measurement sensors that provide superior product performance. Investing in state-of-the-art research and development facilities for best-in-class product testing and verification has not only kept Dwyer relevant for over 85 years, it has also kept Dwyer on the cutting-edge of product development.
Fisher’s presentation focused on building and nurturing a culture of innovation and top talent. His insights were intended to assist economic managers in “help[ing] their local businesses achieve the success that Dwyer has enjoyed since 1931.” (LaporteCountyLife.com)
Mark Fisher noted:

Maybe they’ll see what we’re doing and take that back and explain to new businesses what works for us and maybe it’ll work for them. If it means businesses can be attracted to Michigan City by seeing the type of talent and facilities we have in Northwest Indiana, I think that’s great.

Dwyer supports both the community and future generations of engineers through philanthropic events as part of our continued commitment to excellence.

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