On July 13, a group of Dwyer Instruments, Inc. volunteers travelled to Lake Hills Elementary School to assist teachers with their Kindergarten Countdown morning activities. Children practiced writing and learning by tracing letters, participating in coloring exercises, and building letters with colored blocks. They also followed along with visual learning programs, practiced reciting their ABC’s, and learned how to behave in a classroom setting.
The Kindergarten Countdown program is a five week program which helps local students, many of whom have not had preschool experience, prepare for kindergarten courses.  Children “are introduced to basic reading and math concepts, and participate in field trips and other hands-on activities” (Michigan City Area Schools). Introducing learning and socialization skills before starting school helps prepare students for the coming year. This summer, classes were held Mondays through Thursdays from June 12 to July 20 at Lake Hills Elementary School in Michigan City, IN.
Dwyer Instruments Senior Human Resources Manager, Shawn Rutkowski stated:

Assisting with the growth and development of our future leaders is very important. We take pride knowing we were able to make a positive impression on these young students and look forward to seeing them grow into amazing adults.
Dwyer employees previously ran a book drive on June 16 and gathered books to donate to the Kindergarten Countdown. Over 125 children’s books from the drive were donated to the program, which gives students books to take home.
In the past, Dwyer Instruments has submitted product donations to local colleges, such as the University of Michigan, and sent volunteers to assist at the Michiana Humane Society and SPCA. Dwyer strives to support both its community and the future generation of engineers.
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