Michigan City, IN With manufacturing experience in acrylic instrumentation of more than 80 years, Dwyer Instruments is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Series VFCR Visi-Float® Acrylic Flowmeter with Roto-Gear Technology.

The VFCR has a 5” scale for easy viewing and is available with back or end connections for quick installation. The VFCR Series is used to provide cost-effective local indication and control of liquid or gas flow in variety of applications such as panel purging, chemical dosing/ injection, and flow metering. Mining, medical, laboratory, pollution control, gas analyzers, and wastewater are all ideal markets for this flowmeter.

Dwyer has incorporated a patent pending interlocking and rotating gear design to provide ultimate flow control and fine adjustment. This brainchild, never used before in a variable area flowmeter, solves one of the most common issues with flowmeter valves which is setpoint shift. The uniqueness of the VFCR yields full termination of flow when the valve is fully closed.

The all-new valve design is housed in a convenient cartridge assembly, which is easily taken out by removing the end fitting. This allows for effortless cleaning or replacement of the valve assembly; saving the end user time and money. The direct reading scales are hot stamped into the acrylic plastic body, ensuring that the scale does not fade or wear like ink scales.  Process connections are available in 1” female or male NPT back connections.

To learn more or order the Series VFCR Visi-Float® Acrylic Flowmeter with Roto-Gear Technology please visit http://www.dwyer-inst.com/Product/SeriesVFCR.