Michigan City, IN – Dwyer Instruments, the preferred source for your complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, is announcing the release of the Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch, Series TDFS2. The Series TDFS2 is ideal for monitoring flow rate in applications such as: liquid transfer systems, boiler flow proving, hot water heaters, and chillers.
The TDFS2 provides long term reliability and life expectancy compared to mechanical flow switches as there are no moving parts to maintenance. This switch only needs to be installed 10 to 25% into the process, minimizing pressure drop. In addition, the 316 stainless steel construction is NEMA 4X rated for a wide variety of applications.
The TDFS2 has a field adjustable set point over a range of 0.5 to 10 feet per second, or 0.15 to 3 meters per second. Users can change this by tapping the included magnet on the set point target while the flow is at the desired rate.
This flow switch provides visual indication of the flow rate using two status LEDs located on opposite sides of the unit. Each window has a green and a red LED which designates whether the process flow rate is above or below the set point. The TDFS2 also provides normally open and normally closed outputs to indicate the rate flow relative to the set point.

To learn more about the Series TDFS2 please visit http://www.dwyer-inst.com/Product/Flow/FlowSwitches/Thermal/SeriesTDFS2