Model F222/F451 Liquid/Particle Filter

Liquid/Particle Filter

Compressed air filters protect equipment and instrumentation from harmful contaminants such as dirt, water and oil. Liquids are continuously coalesced and released through the manual drain valves. Replaceable filter element removes particles and droplets as small as 0.01 micron with 93% efficiency. Units have 1/4" female NPT inlet and outlet and manual drain valve.

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Model Description Usually Ships* Price Order
Ships: 7-8 Weeks
Price: $106.00
Liquid/particle filter for compressed air, removes dirt, water and oil, maximum flow 22 scfm @ 100 psig, 1/4" female NPT inlet and outlet. 7-8 Weeks* $106.00 Order
Ships: 5-6 Weeks
Price: $191.00
Liquid/particle filter for compressed air, removes dirt, water and oil, maximum flow 45 scfm @ 100 psig, 1/4" female NPT inlet and outlet. 5-6 Weeks* $191.00 Order


Filtration Efficiency:
93% (removal of 0.01 micron particles).
Maximum Pressure:
150 psig (10 bar).
Maximum Temperature:
130°F (54°C).
Max. Flow at 100 psig:
22 scfm (F222); 45 scfm (F451).
Inlet & Outlet Ports:
1/4" female NPT.
In-line only (F222); 1/4-20 mounting holes (F451).
Materials of Construction:
Anodized aluminum head, polycarbonate bowl, cadmium plated steel tie rod, nylon internals, Buna-N seal.
0.5 lb (0.2 kg) (F222); 1.1 lb (0.5 kg) (F451).


Model Number Description Usually Ships* Price Order
1201-3 Replacement filter for F451 (package of 3). 7-8 Weeks $104.00 Order

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What might be the cause for Magnehelic® gages filling approximately 1/3 full of water, with lots of liquid droplets on the glass. Both are outside mounted on the side of an air stripping tower. One is a differential pressure gage that measures the pressure drop across a pitot tube. The other just measures the back pressure in the stripper. What can be done to fix the malfunction?
It looks like you’re getting some condensation in the Magnehelic®, which is causing it to collect on the bottom of the face. Since the Magnehelic® is not encapsulated, it is not recommended to be used in applications where moisture can form. One option to fix the problem is installing a liquid filter (like an F222) to filter out that moisture. Another option is to install a Capsuhelic (Series 4000), which is made to handle both air and liquid.

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