Model VP3 100 mm Vane Thermo-Anemometer Probe

Wireless, Measures Velocity, Flow, Humidity, and Temperature

The Model VP3 Wireless 100 mm Vane Thermo-Anemometer Probe measures air velocity, air flow, humidity, and temperature when combined with the Model UHH6 Universal Handheld. By having a larger diameter, the rotating vane is able to measure velocities down to 50 fpm or 0.25 m/s. An arrow is molded into the vane housing to depict the flow direction.

These probes use a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal for effortless connection and low power consumption. Wireless probes can take measurements up to 50 feet away from the UHH6 or compatible handheld.

A bicolor LED flashes on the handle of the probe to indicate communication status with the handheld device. The battery is rechargeable via the mini-USB connector on the bottom of the probe.

Download the Mobile Meter® Software Test Instrument App which converts Android® based phones and tablets into a multi-function test instrument.

Product Applications

  • Building commissioning
  • Building HVAC test and balance

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Model Description Usually Ships* Price Order
Ships: 2-3 Weeks
Price: $483.00
Wireless 100MM Vane Thermo-Anemometer probe for use with the Model UHH Universal Handheld device and the Mobile Meter® Software application. 2-3 Weeks* $483.00 Order


Dry, clean air.
Temperature Limits:
Process: -20 to 212°F (-29 to 100°C); Ambient: 5 to 125°F (-15 to 51°C).
Air velocity: 40 to 5000 FPM (0.2 to 25 m/s); Volumetric air: 999,999 in selected flow units; Temperature: -20 to 212°F (-29 to 100°C); Relative humidity: 0 to 100% RH.
Air velocity: ±1.5% of reading ±20 FPM (±0.1 m/s) [0.25 to 10 m/s]; ±1.5% of reading ±40 FPM (±0.2 m/s) [10 to 20 m/s]; ±1.5% of reading ±60 FPM (±0.3 m/s) [20 to 25 m/s]; TABKIT VP3: 100 to 3900 fpm: ±5% of reading ±7 fpm (0.5 to 20 m/s: ±5% of reading ±0.04 m/s); Temperature: ±0.9°F@77°F (±0.5°C @ 25°C); Relative humidity: ±2% @ 77°F (25°C) [10 to 90% RH]; ±4% [0 to 10, 90 to 100% RH].
1 FPM (0.001 m/s).
Response Time:
Air velocity and air volume: 1 s; Temperature and relative humidity: 1.5 s.
Probe Length:
8" (203 mm) insertion.
Battery Charging Limits:
32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C).
Power Requirements:
3.7 V YT562447 Lithium ion battery.
Maximum Wireless Distance:
50' (15 m).
Handle Enclosure:
Thermoplastic elastomer over polycarbonate.
Supplied With:
Wrist strap.
13.6 oz (385 g).
Agency Approvals:
CE (not while charging), FCC compliant.


  • Allows for one handed operation for ladder use safety
  • Stable 50 ft (15 m) wireless range


Model Number Description Usually Ships* Price Order
3.2 ft (1 m) USB cable. UHH-CBL 3.2 ft (1 m) USB cable. 3-4 Weeks $7.60 Order
Dual USB wall or auto charger with international adapters. (1.0 A) UHH-ICHRG Dual USB wall or auto charger with international adapters. (1.0 A) 3-4 Weeks $28.25 Order
Air cone kit, rectangular and circular hoods, for use with the VP1/VP2 A-VPX-CKIT Air cone kit, rectangular and circular hoods, for use with the VP1/VP2 7-8 Weeks $414.00 Order

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