Dwyer Instruments, Inc. Occupancy Sensors Cut Hotel Energy Costs

Dwyer Instruments, Inc. has supplied a rather large hotel chain in Dubai with a large number of Model OSC-200 occupancy sensors to help reduce their energy costs for their luxury City Centre Hotel.

cid:0615F8E8-23BA-4B2B-9799-78F5BA01942D Over 400 ceiling mounted sensors were installed and connected to the hotels. These sensors monitor the usage of the rooms and instruct the Building Automation System accordingly. Using this system the room is only fed with air conditioned or heated air when necessary. The energy savings are estimated at up to 25% throughout the hotel.


The OSC-200 uses a spherical Fresnel lens to provide a 360o detection zone with the use of infrared technology. The integrated dual delay processor saves energy by eliminating false activation due to short term occupancy or other movement within the room. The sensor detects movement between 0.1 and 3.0 m/s and occupancy is signalled to the BAS system by the switching of a SPDT relay. The unit requires a 24Vdc supply and has CE approval.


The units were supplied by Dwyer BAS distributors for the UAE; Gulf Engineering System Solutions. The sales manager for GESS, Mr. Mehul Modi, explained that the instruments were chosen by the Belyohah Engineering Consultants due to the competitive price, quality manufacture, and reliable operation. Mr. Smith of the AL Shafer Group stated: "The OCS-200 units were very quick and easy to install and once installed are unobtrusive and easily maintained."